Joining the Palette & Chisel is easy. Simply call 312-642-4400, stop in the office, attend an open studio and introduce yourself or click HERE for our Membership Application Google form. If you don’t have a Google account, click HERE for a Membership Application in Microsoft Word.

The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts serves individuals who want to advance their artistic talents. Our programs are geared to help artists further their skills.  Membership consists of more than 300 artists nationwide.

New members enter as Associate Members. After a year of Associate Membership in good standing, Associate Members will be invited to become Artist Members, with added privileges and responsibilities.


Open Studio

The P&C offers approximately 66 hours a week of model time at no cost to members. The daily open studios are uninstructed, but present a wonderful opportunity to develop and master techniques already learned, and to encounter the perspectives and techniques of other artists. Participants are welcome to use any medium. The P&C provides easels, drawing horses and sculpture stands.  Pose times vary according to the session. See open studio schedule for details.


Members receive discounts on classes and visiting artist workshops.


The P&C gallery, housed in the Academy’s main building, offers exhibition opportunities for members throughout the year. All members are eligible to exhibit in a variety of P&C sponsored exhibitions. Members may also apply to coordinate their own individual or group show. The P&C receives 20% commission on exhibition sales.


Lockers and bins are available for rent at $15 per quarter. A key for building access is available for a $25 deposit. Private studios are available for Artist Members to rent. Both buildings are open to members seven days a week and any available space may be reserved through the office for member use.


The Palette & Chisel is as much a club as it is an academy.  We paint together, exhibit together, sell together in special fund raisers, work together and yes, party together.

After a year as an associate member, you will be invited to become an Artist Member, which awards you the privilege of becoming an active participant in the functioning of this organization.  You may now help set policy by voting at quarterly meetings and serve on our board of directors should you choose.  In addition, you are now qualified to rent a studio should one open and participate in our historic Gold Medal (painting and sculpture) and Silver Medal (works on paper) shows…both important pieces of our history.   The Palette & Chisel has fewer than 200 Artist Members.  You will always treasure the camaraderie and the good feeling of being an active member of an historic 115 year-old artist organization.

About 80% of Associate Members become Artist Members.   We hope you will join this exclusive fraternity of artists.  Just pay a one time fee of $50 and welcome to the club!!  All other dues remain the same as an Associate Member.

Membership Dues:

  • Residents of Chicago and surrounding areas:

    • Associate Resident Members pay $448 per year, payable quarterly.

  • Non-Residents (living outside a 100 mile radius of Chicago):

    • Non-Resident Workshop Members pay $190 per year.

    • Non-Resident Basic Members pay $60 per year. All benefits (except free access to open studios) are included.


Student Members can join the P&C at 1/2 the cost of regular dues. To qualify as a Student Member, you must either be enrolled in a P&C class or workshop or have taken a P&C class or workshop within the last year. The Student Membership is good until December 31 of the year you join, at which time you may apply for the standard associate membership.

The Student Membership entitles you to all the benefits of regular membership, including free access to all open studios (that’s about 60 hours a week working from a live model). You will also be eligible to get a key for the premises (with a $25 deposit) and rent a locker ($15/quarter).

*The application form and submitted works are reviewed and voted on by the Board of Managers at the regular monthly meetings. Notification of acceptance or denial is given by phone and in writing. Membership is available to those 18 years and older. The Palette & Chisel is a not-for-profit organization providing equal opportunity to all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin and in full accordance with state and national policies pertaining to age and veteran’s status.